“when she jumped, she probably thought she could fly.”

Acabei de assistir The Virgin Suicides, de Sofia Coppola, outra vez. O melhor filme para um dia como hoje, caindo como luva. Aliás, um dos filmes que eu mais amo.

“- Look, she’s laughing, he made her laugh.”

“- Have we photosynthesized our breakfast today?”

“- We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them.”

“- So much has been said about the girls over the years. But we have never found an answer. It didn’t matter in the end how old they had been, or that they were girls… but only that we had loved them… and that they hadn’t heard us calling… still do not hear us calling them from out of those rooms… where they went to be alone for all time… and where we will never find the pieces to put them back together.”

“- She was the still point of the turning world, man.”

“- What we have here is a dreamer. Someone completely out of touch with reality.”

“- What lingered after them was not life, but the most trivial list of mundane facts: a clock ticking on a wall, a room dim at noon, and the outrageousness of a human being thinking only of herself.”

“- Collecting everything we could of theirs, the Lisbon girls wouldn’t leave our minds but they were slipping away. The color of their eyes was fading along with the exact locations… of moles and dimples. From five, they had become four, and they were all the living and the dead, becoming shadows. We would have lost them completely if the girls hadn’t contacted us.”

“- You’ll love it.”


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Uma resposta para ““when she jumped, she probably thought she could fly.”

  1. Gustavo Silveira

    Um dos filmes de que mais gosto também.
    Alíás, a Sofia só fez filmes fantásticos.

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